Labor Law

Property and building owners, general contractors and subcontractors can be held strictly liable for accidents that occur on their construction sites in the state of New York. Property/building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and their agents, may be held legally responsible for injuries sustained when a worker is injured in a construction site accident caused by a violation of Labor Law Sections 200, 240 or 241(6).

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Craig P. Curcio regularly defend Labor Law cases and have a deep understanding of the statutes governing construction site accidents. This case law changes on an almost daily basis and we keep up to date on all of the nuances that govern this complicated statute and its application to various insureds.

We have successfully defended suits based on recalcitrant workers and sole proximate cause arguments, and have strategically maneuvered cases to allow for pass throughs to subcontractors who are the more responsible parties.

This area of the law requires expertise that the experienced litigators at The Law Offices of Craig P. Curcio have, both in experience and knowledge of this topic. We are well positioned to defend our clients at every stage of the legal process with Labor Law cases.