Professional malpractice and disciplinary proceedings

Medical and Professional Malpractice

For our professionals, we offer a variety of services including representation through the often stressful and extended professional disciplinary claims process. We will assist with the interview process, the hearings, and appeals, to achieve the best result when patients make non-litigation complaints. If the case goes to suit, we are prepared to defend the professional throughout the entire litigation, making them a member of the defense team to ensure that the proper strategy is employed to maximize a beneficial result. Our clients are kept advised every step of the way. We have represented multiple professionals over the years and currently have added the defense of dental, chiropractic, and pharmaceutical actions. We use top tier experts to track the progress of cases and help in the strategic approach to defending the claims. We recognize that such suits are a personal issue for our clients and their reputations and strive to achieve the best result for all concerned.